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Two Poems by Scott C. Kaestner

Posted in Scott C. Kaestner with tags on May 25, 2021 by Scot


I know a man
(or maybe he’s a ghost)

who inhales moments whole
to know his place in them

says it’s hard to breathe
caught in the world’s chokehold

he has wiggled free
but only temporarily

the outside world persists
so he insists on

digesting the magic within
holding on tight to what is his.



Sometimes when I look into my dog’s eyes I can see mysteries of the universe unravel and a sublime spiritual intelligence.

Then other times I watch my dog eat cat shit and puke only to wonder what the fuck is wrong with the universe.



Scott C. Kaestner is a Los Angeles poet, writer, dad, husband, and suffers from a severe allergic reaction to bullshit. Google ‘scott kaestner poetry’ to peruse his musings and doings.