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Scott Wannberg

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Mescaline River

The new Andrew Lloyd Webber hit musical
Mescaline River
just spilled out of its swank New York City
and I drank so much of it
now I am considering becoming a dog
and if it works
will you bone me
and rub my belly of doubt?

july 16 2009
oh susanna

–archives, Deuce Coupe, July 22, 2009

Scott Wannberg

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Black Lung Hallelujah by Scott Wannberg

Posted in Scott Wannberg with tags on July 26, 2009 by Scot

Dig deep inside the hurt Earth
and when China finds you
tell all its people
you know a great place for them
to all stay.
The wars claim they are going in for the night
but for them the night never really rides up.
the night got pulled over for speeding
and the magician can’t find any rabbits in town
that will allow him to
pull them out of anything.

July 16 2009
Oh Susanna