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Todd Moore

Posted in Todd Moore on October 21, 2014 by Scot


tina head
down on
the steer
ing wheel
the sawed
off shot
gun on
the seat
beside her
was splat
tered w/
blood a
one dol
lar bill was
taped to
the wind
shield she
had some
of her
brains in
her lap

–archives, Deuce Coupe, August 2009

Todd Moore

Posted in Todd Moore with tags on January 6, 2013 by Scot

taking turnstodd

firing 22
slugs thru
the wrecked
truck’s win
dows reno
puts one
dead center
thru the
i nail the
driver’s side
door which
was already
reno sez
it almost
feels like
at people
i hand
the 22
pistol off
to him he
kisses the
puts one
in the hood


(today is my old man’s birthday.  Alive, he’d be 109 so this is for my old man.)

i sd you

got whiskey
off yr fingers
my old
man glanced
at his
licked it
off & sd
next to
pussy i
cd eat
all day
long he
gave me a
tooth smile
sd the only
thing better
is pussy


pig iron

had the
going a
z kept
trying to
duck but
the jack
z’s face
wd be
on skin
was like
raw meat

todd moore

Posted in Todd Moore with tags on February 12, 2012 by Scot

when the

its legs
had been
shot off
it lay
on its
side in
the long
night of
& began
to tell
stories from
back in
the eyes

–Todd Moore

a rusty truck tribute to todd moore by rd armstrong, charles plymell, fn wright, karl koweski, alan catlin, a.d. winans, paul corman roberts, david s pointer, misti rainwater lites, pete lally & scot young

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This issue dedicated to the memory and the poetry of Todd Moore

Poems by Todd Moore
& Friends

Todd Moore



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Todd Moore was the literary prize

Posted in Todd Moore with tags , on March 13, 2010 by Scot

Todd Moore was a teacher, outlaw poet and a great story teller.  I think all good teachers are outlaws to a certain degree.  I didn’t  know him as long as some of you but I can tell you we connected.  I don’t do that with a lot of people.  Maybe it was because we were both former English teachers; maybe it was because our fathers had similar traits.  Or maybe it was because he was just a class act.

Going through our emails today I found three poems he sent me I never published.  Not because they weren’t good–they all were good but because of my organizational abilities.  I thought about running them here today but Todd preferred print.  So they will go in the next Rusty Truck Issue 2 or 3 or maybe a chapbook we never got around to doing.  He has several poems here and the deuce coupe, so on this day take in a few.  He was a friend early on to the Rusty Truck and the Deuce Coupe and he will be missed.  When I began the Pushcart process he sent me this:
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The Book of Jack

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Art by F.N. Wright

Click on Jack–for best viewing go to fullscreen and use arrow that appears on the right to turn pages.

A Rusty Truck Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day

Cable network runs The Godfather movies
back-to-back on Valentine’s Day for men like
Mikey Meatballs and Bobby-Balls-In-Hand,
who spent the day playing straight pool
and quoting lines in unison:
“You sonofabitch, do you know who I am?
I’m Moe Greene! I made my bones
when you were going out with cheerleaders.”

Last night, in bed, my husband warned me
that Valentine’s Day is a synthetic holiday
placed between Christmas and Easter
to boost the economy.

As Bobby’s about to run out the table,
I lean into the counter, trying to be original,
press my pen against a ninety-nine cent card
but am distracted, like Bobby is,
by Mikey belching the alphabet.

I salvage a crooked arrow piercing a lopsided heart,
but Bobby can’t take back a scratch.

–Rebecca Schumejda

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griff sd by todd moore

Posted in Todd Moore with tags on July 28, 2009 by Scot

griff sd

i shot
ear off
for the
29 the
in the

sonny pulled by Todd Moore

Posted in Todd Moore on July 9, 2009 by Scot

a handful
of change
out of his
& dropped
it on the
bar sd
what will
a buck
nine get
me the
pulled a
cut down
pool cue
out from
under the
bar sd get
you dead

the ricochet by Todd Moore

Posted in Todd Moore with tags on July 2, 2009 by Scot

eye out
it looked
funny on
the floor
like some
one had
on a
turd all