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Technicolor Heart Slid Between Fingers by Wolf Kevin Martin and Jake St. John

Posted in Jake St. John, Wolf Kevin martin with tags on August 9, 2020 by Scot


offer expires soon
return to sender
end of today

Void Delivery

blank translucent heart
slid between my fingers
cities to the ground
we dance
between flames

look up
for rain

sky appears to be blue
same color as her eyes

Technicolor Heart

brings me to my knees
holds my kali-ma heart
in her hands
my bones are old ghosts
haunt me upon waking
her bones lay on me
yesterday’s dust hangs

ash trails
night on fire
stardust glow
a man on fire
a man of reason
burying crucifixes
in foul winds

folded hands
at dawn
held breath after prayers
shed crimson tears
baptized thunder
a new monster
born lightning
bathed temporarily
in summer sun unsheathed
sword cut through foggy dreams
languid beginnings
she rises before me
a chariot across clouds
a phoenix fresh from rebirth
in shadows repent
my sins follow darkness
she is my blinding light
hands outstretched in front
grasping at emptiness and grey days
when she’s gone

will be too
one day
a spirit
stable in the ether
across cosmos
hope resides
in her pale eyes

die again
everyday reborn
a spear in my side
crown of thorns
waits for no one
bleeding out into
the sanguine
sangria colored dawn