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REVIEW: SODOMY is a CITY in NEW JERSEY by George Wallace

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John Dorsey (Grievous Jones Press, 2009)
Sodomy is a City In New Jersey

America needs poets of witness as never before — but more than that, poets who are unafraid to remain tender to the human condition while getting their point across.

Some don’t bother at all — they’re content to rant in anger or self-righteousness. Others are able to use their wit, stoking the fire of irony and satire to win their point.

And there are those rare few who are able to strike a balance between the awfulness of the ‘big picture’ they are trying to convey, with the humanity of the small people caught in it.

Fortunately we have poets like John Dorsey among us, who demonstrates in his new collection that he is capable of doing just that.
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