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Burnt Early Evening by Tom Hatch

Posted in Tom Hatch with tags on July 8, 2013 by Scot

Hi she said don’t
I get a kiss, oh sure I pecked
Peck alcoholic I said,
The flower pots got knocked over by
The rain she said
Was it the wind or
The rain I said
The rain came down
In sheets didn’t you see the
Rain knocked over everything
She said, I was 50
Miles away in the city
I don’t know I said,

And don’t put your
Umbrella on the silk carpet
She said, it is only
Damp at the top
I said, then I said
It was good enough for
Your dog to take a
Shit on that you told me
To clean up,

I cleaned it as I
Heard a giggling girl in my
Son’s room that he met
At the restaurant
Where he washes dishes
His first job

The thunder and lightning
Starts again the dog shit comment
Made the rain
Heavily drooping all her flowers

The gutters are overflowing
She said, I saw a stick up there
You never do anything did you
Clean them out she said
I cleaned them I said
Hearing the young girl in my son’s
Room above squealing with an orgasm