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With A Raised Fist by Joseph Farley

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My will cannot be broken,
at least not any more than it already is.
I have the strength of grape soda,
and nearly twice the fizz.
I shall rot your teeth and stain your clothing,
but I shall never yield.
I shall remain forever angry
and yelling at the moon.

Occupy by Paul Bach

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From a voice
for decades
is the only answer,
I’m with you

Calmer heads prevail
peaceful gatherings
coast to coast
and rising
nation to nation,
I’m with you

From miles and continents away
yet by your
I’m with you

Ninety-nine is more
than one
and always will be

With a Guy Fawkes mask
in one hand,
I’m with you

With the shade of Thoreau
and a copy of “On Civil Disobedience”
in the other,
I’m with you

“Letter from Birmingham Jail”
MLK, join hands
I’m with you

Readings on site
all over the country
of Ginsberg’s “America”
resurrect his spirit,
I’m with you

The creaking of branches
a low rumble is heard
exhaling through the leaves
the voice of Whitman
echoes off the buildings
the trees, the hills
I’m with you

I’m with you.

Revolution was about pussy by Mark James Andrews

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Revolution was about pussy
more pussy
strange pussy
better drugs
more drugs
a free spot to crash

All night strategy sessions
Mao’s red book
working Che into the conversation
nodding to the awful obvious music
these rituals were to be practiced
to be endured.

The worst were the mass movements
the tribal gatherings
sit-ins were preferable
to the awful marching
the signs and slogans
chanting in unison.

And now wandering this Occupation
Grand Circus Park in the 3-1-3
faces are again young & sensual
slumming & kinky in tent city
a new wisdom permeates
ignore organization
abandon philosophy.

A sleeping bag is hung in the wind
bodily fluids are drying
a young male in a Sherpa hat
sidles up to a young female
bowing to cell phone texting
silently weighing his chances.


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W.G. Wells wrote the book,
a movie with Raymond Massey followed
in the thirties.
Some things anchor in my mind for years.

These last months, on TV, I see it
in their faces, there seems to be a joy
in the way they swing their batons
in Oakland, in Liberty Park, especially
in Chicago at the unarmed protesters
who refuse to fight back.
No difference men, women, young people,
older people.
Chicago in 1968, same difference.

They call themselves, “police” as if
the word excuses their behavior
and gives their brutality justification.

* * *

In a small rented conference room in
the Regis Hotel on Clark Street
he was one of the few 1930s socialists
still alive.|
He speaks to an audience of 36, mostly
older people who came to hear what he says
will be his last speech.
The audience, what once were in the hundreds,
has evaporated.

“It’s over, isn’t it?” a woman, probably in
her late seventies, asks. It is more a statement
than a question.

“Pretty much for a lot of people,”
the speaker replies, “not all, but for many.
Back in 1938 we never figured the good
days of the twenties would ever come back.
Then came the war, people had jobs
and those we called poor,
rose from destitution and utter poverty.
Mostly I saw that ordinary people
were able to send their children to college
and rise above their prewar stations.

“My grandfather saw the power
of wealth rising after the Civil War,
and is still rising.
He didn’t say it but I am,
that because  the country is divided
into powerful separate states that vie
for political and economic power,
and religious power and recognition
unlike that of European Nations,
our elected leaders have other things
on their minds other than the citizenry.

“I’m not sure how right he was when
he said there may come a time when
most people will swim in the current.
Those who can’t swim will drown and
that will be accepted as normal.”

A much older man stood up.
“Nature has a way of evening things out.
Things are happening, climate change,
breathing air is polluted,
water in many places isn’t fit to drink
unless it’s doctored.
Then, and it’s possible like
the 1918 flu epidemic, millions died
all over the world.
And maybe the new epidemics will be
man made like EMF waves
from WIFI and cell phones.
And of course, a nuclear screw up in New York
City like the one in Japan?”

The meeting broke up at 9 PM.
A new recently passed law required
gatherings of more than ten people
to disband at 9 PM.

The Beginning by Winnie Star

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no money in the bank no money in the wallet
no money money money
where is my money you holder of your big fat sum?
you 1% don’t understand like i do
do you fuckin’ care that i have none
to own or share?
at the local food shelter table i sit
waiting for food and a warm glance from
the lady that volunteers her time
for those of us – is it the 99%
who have nothing to share or wear
remember us you 1%?
lay down your gun, police man, and i will give you my flowers
the ones i picked today
from the gardens around the hall of justice building
where i walk each day to see justice being done

NEED by Kenneth Pobo

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One man can need plenty,
in fact, plenty isn’t nearly enough.

A dollar leads to a dollar and soon
you’re climbing a dollar ladder
well beyond trees.  You crave the sky
and would buy it
if you could, but you only have
a few million.  You build

a mansion and put in a room
with a skylight.  It isn’t
enough.  It’s never enough.

You ask Jesus to give you the sky now,
not when you’re in Heaven—what
fun is that?  He’s not listening.
He’s bandaging the wounds
of a guy you trampled on your
way to the ladder.  You think

about great parties you could host,
people lounging on clouds, angels
serving shaken-not-stirred martinis.
your wife looking like a boutique
with good hair.  Sometimes

the sky gets a particular light
blue shade, matching your favorite
wine glasses, imported from Martinique.
But you know the sky

is the dream
you can’t make real—you walk under it,
look up, your whole life
like a picture window that broke
on the coldest night of the year.

Occupying Sherman Street by Sissy Buckles

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So there’s two more guys living in their cars right on Sherman Street that leads to my work I saw one this morning in his late model truck cab-over,sitting upright in the driver’s seat squirming in restless sleep, uncomfortable in the hot sun at 9:00AM; the other living in a shitty older van but still, his own shelter from the storm newspaper covering windows in back he even sweeps the sidewalk where the double doors open up, along with five or more RV’s that live right on Sherman Street, rotating curb space every 48 hours so the cops don’t bust them, and keep close to the storage center next door to my gov job in the warehouse district, containing all their worldly goods…and this is Point Loma, home to Nazarene University, theologians and debutantes,and military facilities SPAWAR the top retired Admirals and Colonel’s and their lush seaside homes wide streets flanked with palm trees and our old hippie haven Ocean Beach, once called the 3rd Haight at the end of the pier, dog beach and smokeshop The Black where I still buy my incense you can smell the sapphire ocean on days with an off-shore breeze…

and I drive down to sit by the sand for lunch to calm my restless mind and pass the homeless in groups or alone on every street corner and intersection stained hands held out in a timeless way but with handmade signs – “I served our Country – Please help”  “Will work for Food” “I have nothing, anything helps” and these  days of recession family and friends losing their jobs/homes, so I try to heed the dire warnings of the money experts on TV,swallowing down panic, and save/pay down the credit and just use my debit card for stuff I need but still, carry some quarters a little extra weight in my pockets to remind me.

Vacate the System by Charles Plymell

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“Satellite measurements have proven that artificial energies from power lines are similarly amplified high above the earth, a phenomenon known as power-line harmonic resonance….’this amplified energy interacts with particles from the Van Allen belts…producing a fallout of charged particles…”

“In 1983 , measurements from Ariel 3 and 4 weather satellites showed that enormous amounts of PHLR over North America had created a permanent duct from the magnetosphere, down into the upper air, resulting in a continuous release of ions and energy over the whole continent.”

“Since the mid 1970’s there has been a dramatic increase in flooding, drought, and attendant hardships due to the inconsistent, anomalous weather patterns. It appears likely hat these have been caused in part by electro and perhaps whether deliberately or not….seems feasible to introduce catastrophic climate change over a target country, and even without such weather warfare,continued expansion of the electrical power system threatens the viability of all life on earth.”

“In addition, if Teilhard de Chardin’s noosphere exists, our artificial fields must mask it many times over, literally disconnecting us from life’s collective wisdom. This is not to ignore the plain fact of evil. but here must be some other reason why today’s power elite are so willing to bring the whole world to the brink of so many kinds of destruction. Maybe they literally can’t hear the earth anymore.”
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Three Poems of Protest by Michael Grover

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Occupy My Head

I live in my own land
Sovereign from america & it’s nightmare dreams
I live in my own land
I’ll make the rules & enforce the law around here
I live in my own land
I am an ex patriot
I live in my own land
A beautiful World where there is music & psychedelic bliss
I live in my own land
Where Poetry matters
I live in my own head
Where Poetry won over the bars or TV again tonight
I live in my own head
I occupy it
Occupy my head
Tell me how I should think
Occupy my head
Tell me how I should feel
Occupy my head
Entertain me
Occupy my head
Tell me I’m depressed
Occupy my head
Give me some drugs
Occupy my head
Tell me I’ll stand & salute their flag & troops
Occupy my head
Genuflect to their god
Occupy my head
Just because they shove them down my throat


Note For The One Percent

With the Earth changing so quickly
What shall we call it
Some corporate name of the highest bidder
Or something more respectable
Like The Planet Earth
Maybe the void that life’s become
Tell me it has not become this meaningless

We can take it back
Straight from the jaws
Of the one percent
Dripping with blood
Our own blood
Our collective blood

You are feeding on us
I’m not saying anything
That you don’t already know
If I were really there
Telling you this
You vague shapeless person
You would call security


Coltrane Blowin’ In The Night

This room seems so peaceful
so chaotic

As outside in the streets
Boys are shooting boys
Carrying out a
Self fulfilling prophesy of genocide
As outside international turf wars play out
Just to prove
Who’s country has the biggest dick
& we are living in an illusion

As outside ego masturbation
Is better than hard work
It must be hard work to be them

As outside where cyber realities of illusion
Because it’s better than the real one

As inside this room is it’s own reality
As Coltrane blowin’ in the night

Occupy Wal-Mart by Karl Koweski

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they convey only
a vague notion of politics
their idealism accidentally
mirroring the Republican
mindset in that
they are gathered here
inside this Wal-Mart
on this Black Friday
with no greater agenda
than to spend more money
than they have budgeted

though they have the
sheer numbers needed
to bypass capitalism
in favor of anarchy
the rabble save the rioting
for the two dollar waffle irons
and fifty dollar blu-ray players
revolution to their
regional universal minds
involves nothing more chaotic
that switching their allegiances
in college football teams

the consumers occupy Wal-Mart
they way maggots occupy
a raccoon carcass
beneficial to a system
rotting from the inside out
eventually leaving