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Doing Time by Pris Campbell

Posted in Pris Campbell with tags , on May 19, 2011 by Scot

Midnight. The whomp of a police ‘copter.
I drift up from a dream, sink back,
ask the Dream Man if there’s a support group
for Vietnam wives, marriages dead,
not their husbands.

But you appear, wearing dress whites
from our Pearl Harbor wedding,
wife in red satin on your arm.
I forget the Dream Man, slink away,
Birkenstocks slapping the pavement
in my haste.

I thought you were lucky in your
supply ship assignment.
No jungle
No upriver
No Napalm
Shelled once, your letter screamed
‘They were trying to kill me. They were
trying to kill me!’

I never saw the war in your edginess after
or in the wall you erected between us.

I was too young then to know that it takes
only one knife at the throat, one car wreck,
one rape to change a life and that the wall
you built was your prison, not mine.

empty frames by DB Cox

Posted in DB Cox with tags , on March 30, 2011 by Scot

time rides a river—
memories rust
like old bullet holes
in highway signs—
sighs of relief
now that you’ve
all gone
moved along
with your hard facts
about the bags
of flag-wrapped kids
who ate red dirt
on height-numbered
killing hills
celebrated at home
with silent songs
of praise
in secret parades
down vacant
american avenues—
immortalized by artists
with no names
selling monuments
with mannequin faces
selling paintings
in empty frames

March 30, 1973– Welcome Home

Posted in Scot Young with tags , on March 30, 2011 by Scot

i remember
nobody wanted to go
but you did
instead of going to canada
or taking a college deferment
or joining the national guard
your daddy drove a truck
had nobody to pull strings

i remember that you enlisted
before graduation
shipped off without a party
or a big damn hullabaloo
went off to visit ho chi minh
with a m16 & a ka bar strapped
to your side

i remember you still had pimples
on your face and favored aqua velva
and double bubble when you left
you returned
without a party
a thank you
or go to hell

–well maybe you did get that

i remember you came back silent
carrying other scars
the ones hidden deep inside
like family secrets
most cutting too deep to ever heal

i learned that congress declared
30 march welcome home
vietnam veterans day
38 goddamn years too late
so here’s your party mac
sorry you didn’t
live to see it but the guilt
is now washed clean
and ain’t that something

march 30, 2011

–scot young