A Poem for F.N. Wright by S.A. Griffin

Fred Blows Out The Sun’s Electric Candles

for F.N. Wright, 1940-2012

and makes an infinite wish to celebrate the
happy birthday of everything

trout fishing with Brautigan
along the shores of golden eternity
somewhere beyond the cartoon apocalypse
of this whorehouse sadness

inside some tropic of light

Kenneth and your beloved Miriam
to catch you in their nets of love and language
and you are here

the crickets playing your song
fuck fuck fucking
as we all sing along

ride free Fred, rest easy
the war is over
The Lady’s loving kisses
(with roses in her hair)
to bring you home again

S.A. Griffin


–Pictures courtesy of S.A. Griffin

14 Responses to “A Poem for F.N. Wright by S.A. Griffin”

  1. Carter Monroe Says:

    S. A. always blows toward the sky.

  2. everybody is different but we somehow connected through poetry, through words. I think fred had a lot of friends like that. I guess you really don’t choose your friends, they just happen. Despite our different paths in life we both were dreamers and that was the bond. maybe it was like that with most of fred’s friends. I would come up with an idea and he would get excited and start painting or writing then I would have to follow through. In his last week with death already in his eyes he was still planning, still dreaming, still painting with words the color of friendship, always Fred.
    so pound dog next time it rains, paint me a rainbow like only you can….

  3. free penny press Says:

    I’m saddened that someone so many respected and admired has passed away..I am excited that I get to know this poet through his words, yours and theirs..

    SA, this poem is gorgeous in all it’s wonderful bounty..

    Rusty Truck..you never let us down, ever..

  4. John Dorsey Says:

    A beautiful tribute…

  5. Stuart Fred Wright Says:

    Patchen used an underwood

  6. I’ve got wet eyes, S.A. I didn’t know him well- only a few message exchanges, but they were memorable. Thank you for adding this beautiful poem to his memory.

  7. its always nice seeing new work by sa. i miss that guy.

  8. Fred is dead
    That’s what I said

    Fred didn’t know me except from what he’d read of mine.

    Considering I don’t even seem to write anymore,
    I’m wary of anyone who thinks of me as a writer.

    Fred saw past that.
    He saw that people write words,
    that get them labeled:


    Fred’s spelling and punctuation were
    worse than Todd Moore’s.


    His emails looked like some retarded, drunk guy typed them.

    Then you’d read them.

    “Wave to the family for me.”

    He was all heart.
    I loved that about him.

    And he was clever. He used to take all those dumb emails your retarded drunk friends send to you and make them into stories he’d sell to magazines. All those emails I’d sent to the trash? Fred sold the same ones I’d send to the trash.

    Clever guy.

    Someone told me Fred was dead. It stopped me.
    Nothing stops me anymore. I have a girl friend, and she has kids, and we all live in a house my girl friend spends her day working to afford. I work too. And nothing gets my attention any more.

    Getting mail from Fred in real life stopped me. And his passing stopped me.

    Some people you’ll miss, you know?

    Love you Fred.

    -Father Luke

  9. lynnalexander Says:

    FN Wright was something, and he made us smile. I remember him asking for a number right after I gave it to him and it became a joke, I kept sending it and he kept asking, back and forth. Why? Because he could laugh at this kind of thing. Play along.
    I didn’t meet him in real life, but these days online connections matter and we do bond in different ways, small and significant.
    You can’t help but give props to somebody that had an impact on so many. I’m glad his family knows how many people care.

  10. priscampbell Says:

    So good, S.A. You speak with the words of angels.

  11. Linda Lerner Says:

    A good poem, S.A. Never new Wright on or off the page, but now, because of what I’ve read here, will get hold of some book or other that he wrote.

  12. Lisa Brandenburg Says:

    Thankyou SA! If you see my post can you email me please at lisabrandenburg@hotmail.com.

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