IT WAS IN FRONT by J.R. Solonche



It was in front of the Zion
Baptist Church on Main.
It was parked between
two long black limousines.
The most beautiful hearse I’ve ever seen.
It looked brand new,
looked like it was just driven
out of the hearse showroom.
The three were so polished, so glossy,
they sparkled like onyx rings.
They made the sunlight do soft shoe
on the roofs and hoods.
They made the sunshine sing
the blues in the night fields of Mississippi.


J.R. Solonche has published poetry in more than 400 magazines, journals, and anthologies since the early 70s. He lives in the Hudson Valley.

One Response to “IT WAS IN FRONT by J.R. Solonche”

  1. My compliments to J.R. Solonche. I love the surprise of finding comfort and even joy in a subject so mournful. In 2020, we can use a lot more feel better poems. This sent me looking for more poems by Solonche, and it looks like delightful surprise is his trademark. I’ll probably be purchasing a book very soon.

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