John Basilone by David S. Pointer

In Marine Corps boot camp
they taught us about Manila
John Basilone-how he was
a hero on Guadalcanal with
two others holding off 3000
Japanese, how on that first
day at Iwo Jima he led the
charge all the way up that
volcanic hill holding a hot
water-cooled 30. caliber
machine gun then John was
topside… blown apart into
ever conspicuous gallantry
posthumously remembered
by all those former young
action type over achievers
who came back home to
negotiate official facades
or false flags or Sunday
dinner with a great family
always thinking of what
others paid to open the
iron gates at Arlington
National Cemetery

4 Responses to “John Basilone by David S. Pointer”

  1. Good morning Scot,

    I think I misunderstood your last call for subs. I thought you had mentioned that you posted 9 poets for Memorial Day and were not looking for new poems? Or were you looking for 9 Memorial poems? From David’s poem, I’m thinking the second choice. I kind of tied one on last week, just leveling out now. 

    You know I have a lot of military poems. Are you all full up now or should I send a replacement? Either way, thanks!




  2. yes 9 poets that day–Pointer got his in after the deadline–so it is belated…and just got it up–the poem that is–didn’t really have a theme, just coincided with the day–good poetry is good poetry–no themes–just words. maybe i tied one on too

  3. Scot – Where were the requests/last call for subs? Missed such.


  4. ? email notification

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