Close Call by James Valvis

She was a biology major at the local college.
She used to come over and eat my food.

Not that I had much, just some Ramen noodles,
but she would eat them. And take some home.

When we fucked, (it’s the right word),
I would think about her digestive system,

those intestines working on my Ramen noodles.
I had a hard time keeping it going.

I was like some frog she was dissecting.
Finger here, mouth there,

my cock like a Ramen noodle.
She sickened me, the sight of her.

So I stopped calling. But she didn’t.
She kept coming to my window, always late

when she knew I would be writing.
Then she would eat my food again.

Eventually I quit writing,
stayed in my room with the lights out.

It took weeks, but she finally stopped coming
and I went back to writing.

Sometimes the distance
between a poet and a murderer

is small.

One Response to “Close Call by James Valvis”

  1. Good one. Ramen noodles, eh?

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